Essential Makeup Tools

Essential Makeup Tools We All Need


For doing perfect makeup you need to get all the tools required. Without these tools, your base will not be set and the whole makeup will be ruined. These essential tools must be of good quality and clean, never use a dirty makeup sponge or brush on your face as it can ruin your makeup. You cannot completely set your foundation without a blender or a brush, the same goes for your blush and eyeshade. You need to make sure you have every essential item with you to get the perfect look for the night. For blending the foundation, you can use your fingers but the end result won’t be the same as the one with a blender or a brush.

Just like you need good quality makeup products for flawless makeup, you also need the perfect tools to apply that makeup. These tools must be cleaned and of good quality so that your base doesn’t move or you don’t get any grey patches even after blending. Some of the makeup tools are briefly described below, take a look:

1. Beauty Blender

A beauty blender is essential to blend your foundation thoroughly on your skin. It ensures that no place is left and the foundation looks perfect. You must wet your beauty blender before using it, as a dry blender will absorb the foundation and can also be a little rough on sensitive skin. By making it wet you can easily blend your foundation and it won’t feel rough. To buy good quality makeup tools use Perfect Beauty Indonesia and get your favorite products at an affordable price.

2. Foundation Brush

A foundation brush is yet another tool used to blend the foundation. Its application is a lot smoother than a beauty blender. If you are using a brush, make sure you have mixed your primer and foundation together to get a smooth application. Otherwise, you can also spray some makeup fixer on your skin and then blend the foundation which will help the foundation to blend easily and also set it for you.

3. Brush Set

A brush is not only important for foundation; you need a complete brush set to do the rest of your makeup. For applying your eyeshade, concealer, blush, bronzer, liner, loose powder, highlighter and lipstick. You need a complete set so you can get every brush you need. The application from the brush is a lot smoother than a beauty blender or your fingers. They are a lot cleaner than blenders too.

4. Brush Cleaner

After using your brushes always clean them. Never use the same brush again on another day without cleaning it. Make sure you buy brush cleaning spray and thoroughly clean your brushes for keeping them hygienic. Spray them with the cleaner and then clean them with a tissue or cotton pad. Make sure you clean them thoroughly as using a dirty brush can cause pimples on your skin.

5. Makeup Wipes 

Removing makeup by washing your face simply is not enough. You need clean your face of makeup by using makeup wipes and make sure you get every little makeup removed from your skin. Going to bed with your makeup on can cause your skin to break out bad. You can also use micellar water to remove your makeup. Take some micellar water on a cotton pad and then remove your makeup. People mostly use micellar water for removing makeup from their eyes, as wipes can be a little harsh on the eyes.

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