Wedding Photographer

How to Pick the Right Wedding Photographer


You want everything to be right for your wedding, including the wedding photographer to capture all the moments of the day. The one you pick will be responsible for many aspects of the day, such as capturing the first look, saying I Do,  the cake cutting, and so much more.

It is important to invest time in looking for a wedding photographer that will meet your needs. While you might think you can cut back expenses by booking a cheap wedding photographer, this is not something you want to skimp on. The photographer is the gateway to remembering your special day, so you do not have to do it all from recollection. And while a photographer seems expensive, you must remember all they are offering. They are often at your wedding for the entire day, and you must consider their commute time. You are also paying for them to edit the pictures, use their equipment, and do anything else they use.

You should also look at the wedding photographer’s style. Are you OK with having just traditional wedding pictures taken, where the wedding party is at the altar? Or would you rather have the more fun images of the wedding party jumping up in the air? Make a list of the photographers that you are considering, then look at their portfolios to see which style best fits you.

You may also wish to ask for recommendations on social media sites. This is a great idea because individuals can provide you with stories of what they liked or did not like about the photographer.

Once you have your list of photographers narrowed down to 3 to 6, you should look further into each photographer. Do you like the lighting of the pictures they offer? Can you tell what their personality is? You will want to mess well with them as you will be spending a good chunk of your day with them. And you certainly do not want them to ruin your wedding day.

It is important to meet with the wedding photographer before the wedding to discuss the shots you want to be taken. Maybe you want a sunset picture of you and the groom? Perhaps you love it when the groom tips back the bride? Whatever it is, make sure to let them know exactly what you want.

Many brides and grooms will use the same photographer for their engagement pictures as they do the wedding pictures. You can use the engagement session as a trial run to make sure that the photographer is exactly what you want.

Picking a wedding photographer is quite a bit of work. But it is so worth it looking at the images years down the road. At Tides of Love Beach Weddings in Clear water, FL, we can plan for you on your special day.  We take care of the photographer, and everything else, so you just need to bring the groom, the rings, and the marriage license!

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