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10 beauty tips to get ready quickly in the morning


Express drying

The secret of a quick brushing is above all the preparation of the hair. Once your hair has been washed and wrung out , remove as much moisture as possible. The ideal? Use a very absorbent microfiber towel . Then spray a drying accelerator spray , which protects the hair from the heat of appliances, while boosting the effectiveness of the hair dryer . Finally, brush back the locks you want to shape, heating them under the heat of the dryer.

Chrono top brushing

For quick and effective styling, use a heated brush . In a single gesture, she creates the hairstyle and fixes the movement. You can just pick up your tips or a few strands.

Night mask

No time to let your mask act in the shower in the morning? Apply it to dry hair the night before and leave it on overnight, or 30 minutes before shampooing, breakfast time.

Dry cleaning

Once a week, opt for a dry shampoo , which absorbs sebum and gives your hair a fresh look. It can also be used as a styling product when the hair is flattened.

Flash monochrome make-up

Once your complexion is unified , apply your make-up in a jiffy thanks to a multifunction product or a cream formula diverted from its use, in a shade that adapts to all areas of the face: lips, cheekbones, eyelids. Choice of rosewood, brick or translucent rose tone. Tap the material with your finger on the mobile eyelid, in a halo, the bulge of the cheekbone, then in the heart of your lips.

Radiance key

Finish your make-up with a veil of fixing spray . Choose it, full of mother-of-pearl and diffuse it where you want to catch the light, for an express bluffing effect.

TGV manicure

Between the base, the two coats of lacquer and the top coat, the nail polish takes a lot of time. There is a much simpler solution: swap the varnish for a colored base. Choose from an embellishing version, or a product that combines fortifying and sublimating action. The ideal is to put two layers, directly on a very smooth and perfectly degreased nail. If it has irregularities, first unify its surface by passing a polisher over it.

Smart complexion

Can’t do without foundation? Choose a stick formula , easier and faster to apply. It can also be placed locally for a small correction.

Look in light

Line the lash line with a large gold , sand or bronze pencil . Blend the color with your finger over the entire mobile eyelid, to create a halo in record time.

Quick edits

Why make up the whole complexion when only a few areas need to be corrected? Just erase dark circles , shadows and irregularities with a concealer brush. Modulate the coverage of the product according to what you have to hide. Use a light pen if you just need some shine. Prefer a concealer in case of dark circles, redness or more marked imperfections.

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