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10 destinations for family travel


The enthusiasm of the little ones and the welcome that the population gives them make family trips great moments – and even more so if you opt for one of these destinations.


With a certain budget in your pocket, Denmark is an excellent family destination . Copenhagen is home to Tivoli Gardens , an amusement park built in 1843 that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, where you’ll also enjoy concerts, fireworks and surprisingly good food. Another must, near Billund in the center of Jutland, Legoland (from the Danish leg godt , “play well”) notably includes a Miniland made of small plastic cubes (with the Statue of Liberty, but also scenes from Star Wars!) ; the attractions are primarily aimed at pre-teens for more information visit our travel blog .


Few countries give children such a warm welcome . It’s simple, the Thais love it, and traveling with little ones will allow you to instantly break the ice with everyone, from the street vendor to the tuk-tuk driver. Between the temples, the succulent cuisine, the monkeys and the dream beaches, the children are also thrilled in this exotic country. After discovering Bangkok and its gleaming temples, head to the island of Ko Chang, where the whole family will appreciate the pretty beaches bordered by peaceful waters , the kayak rides, the elephant camps in the mountains and the little kick of helping abandoned animals from the Koh Chang Animal Project . See our page visit theThailand with the family .


Just need a beach to watch them make pies, or a whole range of activities to keep them busy? In any case, Belize is a small family paradise in the Caribbean. This English- speaking country , compact and cheap, is also home to a fascinating fauna, to be observed on land (howler monkeys and crocodiles), or underwater.

Kerala, India

The chaos, colors and wonders of India make it a sensational family destination  : elephants, palaces, trains, beaches, jungles and wildlife, all combine to delight young and old . If the intense rhythm of the country dissuades you from taking your children there, opt for its family version, Kerala . In this more relaxed, greener and more peaceful region, even the cuisine is less spicy, softened by coconut milk. ]

New York, USA

New York is magical, with that je ne sais quoi that makes you feel like you’re in a movie. This is probably due to the yellow taxis, the frenzy, the emblematic buildings, all already seen on the big or the small screen, and described in countless songs. The Big Apple is a destination that delights travelers of all ages, with its museums, Central Park and the High Line, New York’s green belt, the hot dogs and pizza of Little Italy

Sultanate of Oman

After arriving in Muscat, a traditional white seaside town, set out into the desert for a camel trek and overnight in a Bedouin-style tent. Laze on the beaches of the Sharqiya region, but don’t forget to visit the Ras al-Jinz turtle reserve.

Prague, Czech Republic

It’s not because you have children that you have to give up your getaways of yesteryear, and Prague is ideal for families , for a weekend getaway. In this city of ideal size , which can be visited on foot or by tram (children love it), the architecture looks like a fairy tale , there is a perched castle, and the atmosphere on the Place de la Vieille- City and Charles Bridge is simply electrifying. A funicular will take you to Petrin Hill, where there is an observation tower and an 1891 ice palace.


For Italians, the famiglia is sacred cost friendly places to visit in Spain . No need, therefore, to park yours in a holiday residence with a children’s club: everywhere, you will receive a warm welcome and you will feel at ease, even in the most chic restaurants. Italians are used to seeing children in restaurants, and the little ones go to bed late. And then, La Botte is not lacking in breathtaking sites, from the Colosseum, which ignites the imagination, to Vesuvius, which overlooks a Pompeii frozen in antiquity. Other pleasures on the program: pizzas, the best ice cream in the world , the beach, boats, lakes, caves and mountains


To go to  Lapland  in winter is to enter the pages of a Christmas tale. Not only is it  Santa Claus  country (for real), but there’s dog sledding, skiing, ice fishing and snowmobiling in the forest, and reindeer races. on frozen lakes. From October to March, the long polar night is your best chance to marvel at an aurora borealis  ;


Steaming geysers, bubbling mud pots, Europe’s largest waterfalls, Vatnajökull ice cap (the largest glacier outside the poles), active volcanoes, hot springs and, in winter, the magical Northern Lights: Iceland is a country that dazzles at any age. You will necessarily find an activity that will be unanimous , between horse riding, elf hunting, rafting, hiking on glaciers, caving, sea kayaking or whale watching. And, since the economic crisis – excuse these opportunistic considerations

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