Lenses for Real Estate Photography

What are The Best Lenses for Real Estate Photography?



If you’re an aspiring real estate photographer, the question of what the best lenses for real estate photography might be can strike fear into your heart. Or, if you’re a seasoned veteran too. You may have tried different lenses and found that they didn’t produce images worthy of your time. Now finding the right lens is a daunting process that takes days to complete and could make or break your project.

Significance of  Best Lenses for Real Estate Photography:

Having the best lens for you is important, how much depends on your budget and purposes. To get that perfect picture will be a process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. In this article, I’ll go over the best  house photography for real estate  lenses, along with some of my favorites from each group. This will provide you with a head start and assist in your quest for real estate photography lenses.

Though I prefer prime lenses, there are occasions where I will use a zoom lens in real estate photography. If I’m new to the location and the exact shot isn’t clear, then using the zoom lens is ideal to explore the area and discover my shot. After taking a few location shots with the zoom lens, I’ll switch to my primes once I have my shot picked out. There are also times when you need to shoot from a distance and with great precision.

Benefits of Best Lenses for Real Estate Photography:

Having a lens that you can use for a variety of purposes makes your job as a real estate photographer easier. If you have to constantly switch around and lose time finding the right composition, then it becomes a problem. You could waste most of your time shooting and not using your time to market yourself or create content. There’s also the benefit of being able to take your “kit lens” off during certain times when you’re not using it, saving yourself some money and having less weight to carry with you.

What are Best Lenses for Real Estate Photography?

Steady prime lenses are the best lenses for real estate photography because they will provide sharper images with more detail than any other type of lens available today. Articulating the barrel and rotating it to maintain image sharpness is a must when using prime lenses, especially with macros. For best results, you’ll want a lens that has a 2.8 or 3.2 maximum aperture (f-stop) which will provide more light for your image. Stopping down on your lens also helps to get more details and reduce the vignetting caused by your lens’ openings at wider angles.

Focusing can be a challenge with certain lenses, especially when shooting up close. For the best results, you’ll want to use a tripod and set the focus area to single point. You can then use your camera’s LCD screen to find dead center and manually adjust the focus.

The Best Lenses for Real Estate Photography:

If you’re an avid landscape photographer, then you’ll definitely need a wide angle lens. Wide angles will allow you to capture almost everything in your scene from foreground to background elements on one image alone. Zoom in as much as you want and still have plenty of room to crop. Having a wider angle lens will also allow you get closer to your subject, allowing you to show more detail of the surrounding environment.

For most lenses, the best aperture setting will be between 8-11. By taking a few images at different aperture levels and comparing them, you can figure out what aperture is best for your lens.

If you’re looking for a great starter lens for those wide real estate photography shots, then look no further than the Canon 35mm f/2.8 . It’s extremely affordable and produces sharp images with very little distortion. Compared to the Canon 24-70mm, this lens is very inexpensive in comparison and can produce most of the same effects. This lens is perfect for shooting real estate interiors as well as exteriors, providing you with a wide angle view of your subject. If you can’t afford a wide angle lens or still want to capture distant subjects, then get the Canon 17-40mm f/4 L USM . It’s a great alternative to the Canon 24-70 L series, providing crisp images without having to spend all that money.

If you have several different lenses but none will work for you in certain situations, then I’d suggest getting another one that will.


The best lenses for real estate photography are going to be based on your needs as a photographer and what you’re willing to spend. For smaller budgets, you can get some great prime lenses from ebay for around $150-$200 or so. You could also try renting or buying used lenses if you have the cash. If money is not an issue for you, then renting is definitely the way to go because it’s less expensive and gives you the ability to return them at any point without losing anything.

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