Quirky Abode in Bandra

A Sneak Peek into Parineeti Chopra’s Sassy and Quirky Abode in Bandra


Celebrity homes are always fascinating because of the unique style statements they add. Celebrities want their homes to reflect their personalities and give them peace and calmness after tiring days at work. Actress Parineeti Chopra sets another example of reflecting her personality through the decor choices of her house.

She owns one of the best properties in Bandra, and in this article, you will get a closer look at its quirkiness and sassiness.

Parineeti’sBandra House Replicates Luxury and Serenity

The first thing you would notice upon seeing the pictures of Parineeti’sBandra house is an abundance of colours all around. It shows how quirky and colourful she is as a person. Pink couches, red pillows, colourful curtains, and much more.

One of the most famous interior designers, Shabnam Gupta, added her creativity to help Parineeti craft her dream design. It is a 2815 sq. ft. apartment with two bedrooms, a balcony, a den, a living room, a dining room and three bathrooms. The definition of luxury and chic appeal changes once you enter this paradise home of the Bollywood Diva.

The place has perfect lighting, which the actress believes goes well with her all-round personality. Colours & patterns fill this space with aesthetics, and the big study setup adds that elegant view to the space.

She has a big mirror and lots of lights surrounding it to give her the vibe of a makeup room she attends right before she heads out for her shot. Parineeti has shared a lot of pictures online, wandering around various rooms of her house.

Parineeti’s House in Bandra- A Dream of the Millenials

The features that Parineeti’s apartment boasts are quite aligned with the favourites of the millennials. May it be the pop-coloured furniture or astounding decor pieces, there’s everything that the millennials would like to add to their homes upon getting the interiors revamped.

If you take a look at the pictures the actress shared on her Instagram, you will see an ottoman or coffee table placed amidst bright-coloured sofas and patterned rugs. This small space itself is what makes the entire property so catchy. Every pillow around the living room has a quirky quote to cheer Parineeti up at all times.

With the widened bookshelf around Parineeti’sBandra abode, it is quite evident she is an avid reader. Right next to the shelf, she has a plush purple coloured sofa paired with some bright-hued cushions. Thus, a perfect spot is set for the actress to spend quality time with a good read.

To add more personalisation to the space and keep it timeless, she has also dedicated one of her bookshelves to storing her childhood books. Among the collection, she has Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, and other such books.

The View Point of Parineeti’s Mumbai Abode

Parineeti Chopra has a big-sized balcony, which she uses as an outdoor lounge. This viewpoint of the house has a swing and vertical garden for the actress to feel close to nature while doing some stargazing. The best part of this balcony viewpoint is the sounds of the crashing waves in the Arabian Sea, which Parineeti loves to enjoy during the peaceful morning hours.


Parineeti Chopra is one of the most favourite Bollywood actresses and is known for her smart fashion sense. She made sure of the fact that her house has almost everything that can accommodate her personal and professional needs. From waking up in the morning to enjoy the view of the Arabian Sea to taking a walk into the dressing room and getting ready for the upcoming shoot, this house attends to all of her needs. Thus, this is what makes it one of the best properties in Bandra.

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