to go with the family

Where to go with the family?


Going on holiday abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences. However, it can quickly become a real headache when it comes to  holidays with children . To tell the truth, some destinations are not really recommended for young children or in adolescence. So, where to go as a family with children?

Going on holiday with children: which destination will be best suited for my family?

Before considering anything, carefully assess the needs and interests of your children. For example, if they love nature, animals and extravagant landscapes, organizing an  African safari  is a wonderful activity that generally appeals to all age groups. Young or old, everyone loves to observe nature in its wildest state. You will be able to take advantage of a tourist guide who will explain the intricacies of the region visited and who will ensure your safety.

The ideal country to go on a family safari is Kenya . You can also bet on South Africa, Namibia or Tanzania.

Still on the theme of nature (and closer to home), there are the natural parks which form an environment that is both healthy and fun for the whole family. Do your little monsters have trouble getting off screens? Give them an outdoor getaway. Indeed, there is nothing more rewarding than taking a beautiful hike in the heart of nature!

Finally, an idea that they will love as much as you: go to the Dominican Republic to observe Humpback Whales. The ideal period is in winter during the Christmas holidays, in December.

A trip in French with my children and on another continent? Possible !

When travelling, one of the main constraints is having to speak a foreign language. Although English is spoken in almost every country in the world, this does not cover all the services available. Thus, choosing a French-speaking destination can be a really interesting alternative for the whole family. Your children (and you too) will be able to easily chat with the local population and it will be easy to forge links.

Quebec  , a province of Canada , is one of the favorite destinations of the French for a family trip abroad . In summer or winter, the activities offered by Quebecers will delight more than one. This is a particularly family-friendly region that has the well-being of children at heart.

In the same genre, there is Switzerland, Belgium, Congo, Madagascar, Morocco, Tunisia or Senegal.

Can we go on a family cruise?

If you have young children with you, and you dream of going around the world or going somewhere in particular, well know that it is quite possible to do so through a cruise! Indeed, with more and more French families choosing to go to the Middle East for a cruise, we can say that the opportunities are not lacking. By going to this website to go on a cruise in the Middle East , you will also find all the information to book as soon as possible.

Thus, you will be able to make a departure in Dubai for example, before leaving for other breathtaking destinations that are waiting for you… Whatever the period, the Middle East has a lot of secrets to reveal to you. , and a cruise seems to us to be the most suitable mode of travel if you want to have fun with your family… Moreover, unlike other major destinations where prices have had the opportunity to soar, we see that the cruises in the Middle East are still very accessible: now is the time to take advantage of them!

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