Moving to Florida

Thinking About Moving to Florida? 7 Reasons to Make the Move


When you think about Florida, you probably start to think about sunshine, beaches, and Disney World. But there is so much more that this state has to offer and wide-ranging reasons why so many people choose to move their lives here every year.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider making a move to a beautiful community like Parrish in Florida.

1. Laidback Lifestyle

If you want to get away from a fast-paced lifestyle and enjoy a relaxed way of living, Florida could be the perfect place to settle down. Many people living here are retired or enjoying an extended vacation, so you won’t see the same level of the hustle and bustle that you witness in other parts of the country.

2. Sunshine and Vitamin D

There are many benefits of receiving regular sunshine, and thanks to the consistently warmer weather in Florida, people who choose to move here can take advantage of this. While the temperature varies throughout the year, it is unlikely to drop below around 16 degrees Celsius, and you can expect to see the sun shining for the bulk of the year. This helps people to gain the necessary levels of Vitamin D and other critical nutrients for health and well-being.

3. Local Discounts

Many popular attractions in Florida offer discounts for local residents, so you can take a tour of this state and enjoy saving some money too. For example, you can reduce the costs of visiting The Pink Shell Beach Resort in Fort Myers or the famous Walt Disney World in Orlando.

4. No State Income Tax

One of the main benefits for people thinking about moving to Florida is the lack of state income tax. Florida still has taxes on homes and sales, but with no state income tax to pay, this means that you can save more of your money and enjoy your new life in this state.

5. Sports

If you’re a sports fan, this could be another reason behind moving to Florida. Not only does this state have plenty of water sports to offer, such as paddleboarding, snorkeling, and swimming, but you can also support the major league sporting teams in the NFL and MLB and watch the games nearby. Florida has three professional football teams, and the universities in this state have thriving college teams for students and younger people to get involved in.

6. New Homes

Florida has many new homes, including at North River Ranch, which increases the chances of finding your perfect home when you move here. You can choose to move to a new home community and settle down with new friends and neighbors. Whether you want to live within close proximity of the beach or the local nature trails, many people can find their dream new home in Florida.

7. Travel Within the State

Moving to Florida means that you will never be far away from a great vacation. No matter which part of the state you choose to live in, you can travel easily around the area and make your way to local beaches and other sunny hotspots. This will often help you to save money on your annual vacations and explore the wider areas of your new home.

Thinking of Moving to Florida?

If you’re seriously considering moving to Florida and want to find your perfect new home, check out the options available at North River Ranch in Parrish. This beautiful new home community has a wide range of homes and offers a warm and friendly welcome to new residents.

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