How to Make Use of Smart Technology for a Bigger Home


You would think a bigger home would mean more furniture to fill up the space, more gadgets to install, more appliances to buy, or just the overall care taking of the home itself, etc. While that is all true, it is not necessary to fill up every single corner or place another refrigerator on the other level of the house. There’s such a thing as keeping it minimal and also planning out your living space.

So when it comes down to electronics and appliances that you would install or add to your new home, you don’t necessarily need a new one for each room. That is the beauty of smart technology, it can provide great coverage, and remote control access to the devices in your home.

Here’s how you can use smart technology and smart devices in a bigger home without having to splurge on buying too many.

1. Smart Router for Greater Coverage

One of the best Wi-Fi routers for large homes is the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router. When you have a bigger space, you automatically require external routers to spread out the internet connectivity throughout your home, for other devices to connect to. But why invest in more and more routers when you can just get the Nest Wi-Fi Router?

A single device can cover up to 2200 square feet in seamless internet connectivity, with multiple devices connected to it simultaneously. You won’t need an extender on the same level of the home – one router would do the job.

There is also an additional device that you can pair with the Nest Wi-Fi Router to extend coverage and unlock some additional features. The Google Nest Point when paired with the Nest Wi-Fi Router can cover a total area of 3800 square feet, and together can handle up to 200 devices connected to the network.

The Nest Wi-Fi Point, however, on its own serves as a smart speaker with an in-built Google Assistant. So along with expanding your network connectivity range, the Point is a great device to use in order to enable voice control over other connected smart devices.

2. Smart Sensors Paired with Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats would be the ideal replacement for any regular thermostat of your home air conditioning and heating system. Why? That is because it not only provides an automation feature, but it is perfect for energy-saving purposes. You no longer have to worry about your carelessness if you forget to turn off the thermostat on your way out. You just have to use the associated smartphone app to shut it on or off.

But the great thing about smart thermostats is that some have additional smart sensors available with them. The Honeywell Home T9 is one of those smart thermostats that feature additional smart sensors that can be installed in different rooms. In a big home, smart sensors would be wise to install.

Instead of setting the same temperature for the entire household, you can use the smartphone application to adjust the temperatures of every individual sensor – thus making your home comfortable according to everyone’s preferences. No more fighting over turning up the temperature because it’s too cold, or leaving the thermostat on while you make a quick run to the store. Save energy, and stay comfortable in your big home.

3. Smart Smoke Detector for More Safety

Wired smart smoke detectors would be the best investment for your home. And the reason we call it an investment is because these devices can be pricey but they are great for the long term. Take the Google Nest Protect, for instance, it retails for $119.

Smart Smoke detectors like the Nest Protect would keep your home safer than any ordinary smoke detector would. They feature elements of both ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors – meaning they can pick up on anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires!

Along with that, the Nest Protect can also detect any carbon monoxide leaks within the house. Carbon Monoxide as we know is a poisonous gas that is lethal for humans and animals alike. But fear not, because this device has you covered!

The Nest Protect features its own mobile application, from where you can switch off any false alarms but that’s not even the greatest bit. Having a mobile application means the device sends alerts in real time to your smartphone in the event of any threat detected. While at home, the device would not just sound the alarm, tipping off all the smoke detectors connected to it, but also speak up to let you know where exactly the fire is.

Are There More?

There are several more smart devices and smart technology that can be integrated and installed into your big home. The above 3 are mere examples of some of the best ones which not only provide you with the means to automate your home but in an energy-efficient manner as well as provide safety to the residents of the house.

Browse through First Energy Home’s Smart Home catalog on their website and see for yourself. You’ll surely find something that would be the ideal fit and provide convenience in your huge living space.

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