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Groundbreaking Ghost Machine Offers Creative Comics and Company Structuring


The world of comics is all about creativity, but over time, creative flow can become stale. Enter Ghost Machine, the first media company owned and operated by comic book writers and illustrators. Comics veteran Geoff Johns and a host of other creative elites have joined to produce new characters and worlds with compelling stories all their own.


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the Creators Behind Ghost Machine

Ghost Machine’s innovative approach to comic-making is driven by multiple industry stars.

  • Jason Fabok – An artist who has won the Eisner Award for his work on multiple hits, including Batman: Three Jokers
  • Bryan Hitch – An artist with a long history of comic book innovation
  • Gary Frank – A well-known artist who has illustrated blockbuster comic books
  • Geoff Johns – A writer and producer of New York Times bestsellers who has reimagined comic book heroes and is creating new characters
  • Francis Manapul – A writer and artist of New York Times bestsellers who has brought life back into classic characters such as The Flash
  • Lamont Magee – A writer and producer with a fresh, creative style
  • Peter Tomasi – A bestselling writer filled with ideas for new characters and stories
  • Maytal Zchut – A writer known for strong character-driven storylines

Together, these founding individuals are Ghost Machine, a creative collective set to offer the world fresh characters with intriguing stories.

The Ghost Machine Difference

Ghost Machine’s cutting-edge company structure as well as its original comics are making waves in the industry. Ghost Machine is owned and operated by its talent. This company setup allows for maximum creative output from each individual without pressure from external structures and expectations.

The writers and artists who make up Ghost Machine offer their work exclusively to the media company. Geoff Johns and the other creators want Ghost Machine to support today’s creative writers and artists as well as be a haven for upcoming comic book creators who want the freedom and space to bring their visions to life on the page.

Successful Creators and Ghost Machine

The comic book industry is excited about Ghost Machine and the possibilities it represents. Geoff Johns and the other writers and artists with the comic book cooperative are enjoying the freedom that comes from unfettered creative opportunities. In fact, Ghost Machine’s mission is to create a world not only of new characters but also of opportunity for new comic book creators.

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