Designing An Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings : Things To Consider While Designing An Engagement Ring



The engagement ring is considered to be a gift or token of love from one person to another. It is a promise that the man is asking for the hand of the woman in marriage. In many cultures, it is accepted for some time before any marriage takes place for the man to give this ring as an indication of his desire to marry her.

There are different kinds and styles of engagement rings available in different markets. However, having this knowledge does not guarantee that you will have an easy time finding one that suits your bride-to-be’s taste and preference. Added to this problem is when both wearer and gifter are trying their best but still not happy with what they find or buy respectively.

Significance of Engagement Rings:

If you have just taken the decision to propose and ask for her hand, then you need to be ready to spend a good amount of money on getting her an engagement ring. Marketing research suggests that for every $1 spent on an engagement ring, about $4 is spent on the whole wedding. Therefore, it is important for you to go for the best and most expensive one that you can afford even though it may be at a price that your fiancée will not like or is not comfortable with.

Due to all this, there are many considerations considered while designing an engagement ring. These considerations will help in deciding on the best design, type of metal and other factors that make a good quality diamond engagement ring.

1)  Metal Factors:

When it comes to quality and price of engagement rings, the material plays a vital role. Some metals such as platinum, white gold and sterling silver are expensive while others such as yellow gold and rose gold are cheaper. The most important factor in the choice of an engagement ring is the precious metal that you want to use. A good quality diamond ring must be made from the best type of high-quality metal that gives it stability and durability in its lifetime just like how a good quality car should be built from the best materials available on markets for greater longevity of the vehicle. Choosing the most expensive metal is not the only key to getting a good quality engagement ring, but it is part of it.

The cut or polish of the diamond ring you are interested in and the shape you want should be considered when picking out an engagement ring. A round-shaped diamond (brilliant) is preferred by most men as they are ideal for mounting on engagement rings and also provide a better value as against other cuts. The benefit of using round diamonds over others is that they have greater clarity, brightness and fire compared to other cuts that have been used for engagements. The color, clarity and cut of the diamond should be known before you purchase it to avoid getting a stone with poor quality.

2)  Quality Factors:

You can decide on the quality of the diamond engagement ring according to your financial strength, but it is essential to consider a few things in making this decision. First of all you should have all information regarding your economic standing and evaluate whether you can afford to spend more on a good quality engagement ring or not. This information will help you choose wisely between buying the cheapest diamond or spending more for the best available quality in your region. If you are purchasing a diamond ring from online stores or physical shops, then make sure that it has been inspected by experts who have certified it from its authenticity and quality.

3)  Style and Design:

In most instances, couple’s budget for an engagement ring determines the style and design of the ring. It is important to have a style that suits your fiancée’s personality and preferences. Also, it is essential to consider her lifestyle when making this decision. Some examples of styles that are usually preferred by women include princess-cut engagement rings, pear-shaped rings and others.

4)  Personality and Preference:

It is important to consider the personality, style and preferences of your fiancée in choosing an engagement ring. Women usually have different personal preferences that can be evaluated by taking a closer look at their clothing, makeup and accessory. Some of these things are unique to particular individuals. For instance, whether she prefers modern or traditional looks should be known before picking out an engagement ring for her.

5)  Setting the Budget:

Setting a budget for your engagement ring is also important as it will give you a certain amount of freedom when looking for perfect rings to buy. The price can be determined by using different ways such as comparing similar styles and designs with different qualities. Also consider the cut, style, metal and other factors that determine the prices of diamond rings in your market.

6)  Finding the Right Jeweler:

Fiancée’s personality, preferences and lifestyle are vital when selecting a good quality engagement ring for her but you should also consider the jeweler you want to purchase from. Find a jeweler who is well known to have the best quality diamond rings that suit the personality or preferences of your fiancée. You can also ask around from friends and relatives who may have had previous dealings with jewelers in finding one that offers what you need in accordance with your budget.


The choices that you make for the best engagement rings should be made after taking into consideration factors such as price and quality. Keep in mind that you do not have to buy the most expensive ring than what your fiancée is comfortable with and also the budget that you are set aside. You can always consider striking a deal or bargaining but only when you think it is an attainable or acceptable deal in your area. After all, these deals will help you to make an important purchase of your life and this is why maintaining peace among all parties involved during this crucial time is necessary.

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