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3 Best Sports Water Bottles


Whether you are at the workplace, school, sports, or at the gym, there must be a water bottle along with you so that you can keep yourself hydrated all the time. The human body is 70% of water. So, if the body does not receive the amount of water it needs, it falls into dehydration. Thus dehydration ultimately leads to so many problems. Such as, it causes a headache, weight gain, joint pain, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. Not only this, it even ages you! When you don’t drink enough water, dehydration leads to skin issues and causes them to produce wrinkles due to not receiving the required moisture.

So, to fulfill your body’s requirement, you should drink eight glasses of water a day. So the best way to keep yourself hydrated is to keep a water bottle along with you wherever you go. Similarly, this blog has picked the best sports bottle that you can consider buying for yourself.

1- CactakiSport Water Bottle

Cactaki sport water bottle can hold 32 ounces of water that is perfect for any workout session or activity. This bottle is inscribed with the hourly time marking so that you can keep yourself updated that how much water you have consumed at a particular time. It has a feature like one hand push button to open it easily. Further, there is a designed mouth open for easy and quick water flow. A hand strap is attached with the bottle for portability so that you can attach your bottle to the bag or elsewhere. Another best feature is; it has filter infusion in it so that you can add any desired flavor to your water. Further, this bottle is made of Tritan co-polyester plastic that is free from toxins and BPAs. Luckily, you can get more bottles like this with  Adidas KSA promo code at discounted prices.

2- Hydro Flask Wide Mouth

Hydro flask wide mouth water bottle is a well maintained wide size mouth opening bottle that you can find. This bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel that will not rust. Further, it has a construction of insulation and has powder-coated for strong gripping. This bottle comes in various sizes, styles, and colors. It comes with the Straw Lid, but additional caps (Flex, Flip) are sold separately. It is perfect for sports or gyms. The thing that you may not like about this bottle is it slightly pricier than some other bottles in the market, but it is very durable and worth spending.

3- The Coldest Water Bottle

This bottle is specially designed to keep water cold for up to 36 hours. You can fill 21 ounces of water in it. It has a wide mouth opening that you even fit large ice cubes in it, but yet it is so narrow that it can fit in the car’s cup holder as well. This water bottle is very durable as it has a double wall and no sweat construction. Further, the bottle is true stainless steel, has a rubber grip, and is designed in Florida. The best part is due as designed by Floridians, they made sure that this bottle can handle extreme heat and humidity.

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