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10 unforgettable visits around Bordeaux


Are you planning a trip to France, specifically to Bordeaux? This article gives you ideas for visits and activities to do, as a family or as a couple. Are you more of an old stoner? Pay a visit to Saint-Émilion. Are you planning a bike ride ? Opt for the Arcachon basin. Are you planning a tasting weekend? The Médoc wine route is a must. What to do around Bordeaux: will our 11 answers please you?

1 – Bike ride around Bordeaux: the Arcachon basin

It’s a day to book if you like cycling! The place has 220 km of cycle paths without hills. Do you prefer walking? As a family, it’s easier to organize. Don’t forget to book an oyster farm visit, oyster tasting! There is no shortage of bike rental shops in Arcachon (children, adults, electric, mountain biking, tandem).

2 – History and old stone: visit to Saint-Emilion

Saint-Émilion is a city that everyone knows for its Bordeaux wine. Remember to book a day to discover its heritage and its old stone. The small town of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is full of art (craft trail) and original spots (catacombs, Tour du Roy). On site, you have the choice of half-day or full-day tours with a guide , by bike or electric bike.

3 – Tasting and gastronomy: Médoc wine route

Rather for adults, these tasting activities are a must . What to do around Bordeaux when you love good wines? Book a 50 km trip, without a guide, for visits to world-famous cellars (Château Margaux, Château Laffite-Rothschild, Château Latour or Saint-Estèphe). It ‘s a day in the Médoc devoted to wine in France (18 grands crus classified) and its history.

4 – Family walk: take on the Pilat dune!

If your starting point is the city of Bordeaux , allow a good hour by road. This day will only cost you the price of fuel! Children will be delighted to conquer the most visited site in France! Once at the top, at 109 meters above sea level, the view of the ocean and the pine forests is top notch. No need to book, it’s one of the easiest activities to plan on site .

5 – Place in royal life: visit of Château Margaux

The small town of Margaux-Cantenac is 30 km from the city center of Bordeaux. Keep it simple, opt for a visit with a guide and tasting of the château’s wines. Prices are low (from 12 euros per adult), and you can enjoy the garden. It’s ideal for a little bucolic walk! In general, the program is:

6 – Try surfing near Bordeaux: a day in Lacanau

Are your children grown? Are you looking for fun activities at a low price? Head to Lacanau, the temple of surfing. It is a small coastal town in New Aquitaine located 1 hour from Bordeaux by car . It’s an ideal place to test surf lessons, or more simply to go for a bike ride, it’s flat! You will love its low prices, and, for adults, its tasting of Bordeaux wines! (Course less than 30 euros for children).

7 – With the family: escape game in Talence

An escape game is one of the activities that create family ties. Talence is a small town 15 minutes from the center of Bordeaux by car. Here you will find the best escape game in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region! This “1408: the chamber of the spirits” is a highly scripted escape game. The story is set against a backdrop of spiritualism in a hotel , small children and sensitive adults refrain! Booking online is preferable.

8 – Weekend in nature: the Landes natural park

A veritable open-air museum, it is a tourist hotspot in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region . 57 km from the city center of Bordeaux, it offers you an unforgettable breath of fresh air. On site, a day will not be enough to go around! We recommend a visit to the nature museum (ecomuseum of Marquèze). Your children will love it, to get there, you will take a historic train from the old Sabers station .

9 – Visit to the Terre d’Oiseaux park, Gironde estuary

It is an ornithological mecca located an hour by car from the city center of Bordeaux. You will be at Port des Clonges, on the edge of the Gironde estuary. As a family or as a couple, discover the Gironde estuary, an important migration route in France. A marvelous garden that you will consume without moderation : walking paths, observatories, Land Art creations.

10 – Nature walk around Bordeaux: the Migelac forest

The Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is wooded (34% of the area). Plan an unforgettable day at the Migelane forest, a 30-minute drive from downtown Bordeaux. As a family, enjoy the 268 landscaped hectares of this natural space in Gironde. You choose your ride on the spot :

11 – Hostens adventure park: 40 km from Bordeaux

Hostens Park is perfect for children. The reviews are very good, you reach the place in 50 minutes by car from the city center of Bordeaux. On site, you will find activities such as tree climbing for adults and children, swimming in the lake, cycling, and catering. A relaxing family day to escape the city and stay in the Gironde department, don’t hesitate!

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